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Sept 2020

The B-Side Festival celebrated in September 2020 in Münster, Germany was my second chance to exhibit my work and the only time outside Berlin. The collective exhibition showed pieces of over 10 artists, all of them working and living in Münster. 

I made a selection of 20 works with completely different dimensions and traveled by train across Germany carrying them all in a carton box. My lack of experience allowed me to be very selective with the pieces, considering that I wanted to transport as many paintings as possible by myself. Thus, the large exhibition space allowed me to present large works as well. The works exhibited were at a 90% painted on materials found in the streets of Berlin, from pinboards, canvases and wood to curtains, vinyl discs and frames.

Rather than the collectivity of the paintings and the way they worked with each other, it was the history of each individual painting, its material, the transportation and the experience which made the actual work.

At the venue a couple of paintings were put into donation to cooperate with Movamos Lateinamerika e.V., an organisation concerned with education opportunities for young people in Latin America.

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